SD9/SW9/SR9/DB9/Mac Daddy/SVTR Drill Bit


Product Overview

SD9/SW9/SR9/DB9/Mac Daddy Drill/SVTR Bit

Use this drill bit kit to properly size the rail pin hole in 3D printed FMDA SD9, SW9, SR9 frame as well as the feed ramp hole in the AWCY? DB9 and SVTR, and the FMDA Mac Daddy Frames. We recommend a 0.124" drill as opposed to a 0.125" (1/8"), as a 0.125" drill bit may oversize the hole which may result in a pin that is too loose and prone to walking.

This kit is only guaranteed to work with Riptide Rails' rail and Mac Daddy feed ramp kits.

Please note that the Plastikov drill bit is the same as the G17/G19 rear rail drill bit and the SD9/SR9/DB9/Mac Daddy/SVTR drill bit is the same as the G17/G19 front pin drill bit.

Drill Specs

Drill Bit Size (mm) 3.15
Drill Bit Size (Decimal Inch) 0.1240
Drill Point Angle 118
Drill Bit Material High Speed Steel
Drill Bit Finish/Coating Oxide
Flute Type Spiral
Cutting Direction Right Hand
Shank Type Straight
Coolant Through No
Flute Length (mm) 36.00
Overall Length (mm) 70.00
Point Type Standard
Shank Diameter (mm) 3.15
Spiral Type Regular Spiral
Web Configuration Tapered
Web Thinning Web-Thinned
Drill Bit Grade General Purpose

What's Included

  • (1) 0.124" Drill Bit

*Note: Riptide Rails' pin diameters may differ from the developers' original design but are still compatible with the original 3D-printed design.