Now earn points when you order and redeem your points on future purchases!*

To earn points, you must be logged in to your customer account when you place your order. Points are awarded to the account the order was placed under once the order status is marked as shipped.

You can view how many points you will earn for the purchase of a product on that product's page. You can also see how many points must be redeemed to get a product for free on each product's page.**

If you cancel any part of your order, return any items, or exchange any items, your reward points will be adjusted accordingly.

Points expire after 2 years.**

redemption of points required to receive each product for free can be viewed HERE.

*The number of points to be earned from the purchase of any and all products, the required points for redemption of any and all products, and the terms and conditions of the Member Rewards Program are subject to change at any time without notice.

**Points cannot be redeemed for shipping costs, shipping insurance, and taxes. 

***You will receive a reminder email 5 days before your points expire. A reminder email is not required and non-receipt of a reminder email is not cause for a points expiration date extension.

†Vendor accounts are not eligible to earn rewards

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