Donate to the Devs!

Dear 3D printing community, 

Our beloved developers at Deterrence Dispensed work tirelessly to provide the community with functional 3D-printable pistol frames, AR-15 lowers, and much more at no cost! Designing, prototyping, testing, redesigning, and more testing of these projects can be costly. If we all come together and chip in, we can help the developers be able to continue without them having to worry about a monetary constraint! 

Riptide Rails donates a percentage of its profits to Deterrence Dispensed, and we would be grateful if you  can offer any additional contribution--big or small!

You can directly donate to the developers at the BTC address: bc1qy6jpwf6pdxjnjgtutk52sv60jgv3vhklxv0zaa

Find what's in process by visiting!

Thank you,
Riptide Rails